Art knows how to swim

Prohibited parking, feeding pigeons prohibited, running on stairs, unauthorized personnel prohibited… Culture has become a collection of prohibitions. The more “cultural” a place is, the more things are forbidden.

Florence is an amazing city. Its streets, its buildings, its squares, everything is a work of art. So it is full of prohibitions. But nature opens in spite of everything. There are also infamous people in Florence who defy the establishment and keep the city alive.

Graffiti is forbidden in Florence. It is unthinkable to paint a door or the wall of an interior passage. Everything is jealously protected. But an artist who calls himself Blub found the way to intervene the city without touching its artistic. Avoiding prohibitions, he paints the gas and electricity meter caps with small portraits that bring to the street what is inside the museums. You can see DaVinci´s work everywhere, Raphael and Michelangelo reproduced with diving masks with a brand new sky background with bubbles.

As a good infamous Blub is anonymous. No one knows his true identity in spite of press stalking and the art dealers. He's given some interviews via email, but he's safe from the clutches of the bans. That is why his works have been able to invade other European cities without anyone being able to stop him. Now you can find him in London, Rome, and Cadaquéz and you can find portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Dalí, Shakespeare and Freddy Mercury with their respective diving masks.