A dog named Jimmy

Rafael Mantesso´s girlfriend left him the day he turned 30. She took everything in the house, except his bull terrier, Jimmy Choo (as the show brand).

Without emotion, without furniture, and without decoration Rafael felt as he was done, until he came up with an idea to escape his loneliness … he grabbed a marker and began to make drawings on the white walls around his dog. He uploaded the photos he took of these games with Jimmy to Instagram and quickly became very popular.

The game continued to grow and opened a new world for Mantesso. He regained his desire to live and his passion for drawing and photography. When he surpassed 200,000 followers on Instagram (today has more than 600 thousand) he decided to create a special website for his dog Jimmy and the fame of the dog continued to grow. Suddenly he had invitations to television programs and proposals to publish a book with his photographs.

This year launched a special clothing line for Ellus Kids and on September 10th inaugurated on Youtube the #GoJimmyGo channel in which the star is, of course, his charismatic and exposed best four-legged friend. Rafael does not mind that his dog is more famous than him. Jimmy has been an unconditional partner long before the world considered him a star. When the reflectors are turned off, they are by themselves at home and they know that when the fame is gone, they will remain as friends as always. Make the most of this opportunity together by traveling around the world and supporting causes that interest them, such as dog rescue and adoption. They know that a true Infamous is always capable to dog out when needed.